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Mail 233 E. Main Street
Port Lavaca, Texas 77979
Deliveries The Regan Building 
  233 E. Main Street 
  Port Lavaca, Texas 77979 
Telephone  (713) 931-5813
E-mail campbell@waltereden.com


A Brief Company History

From roots in agribusiness and construction in Colorado and Nebraska under the leadership of its namesake, The Walter Eden Company, Inc. became a Texas corporation in 1994 with headquarters in the Houston area. The principal focus of activities were appraisal, valuation and consulting projects for a variety of clients, as well as services aimed toward the pleasure boating industry. In 1996, an office was opened in Rockport, Texas to host publishing activities and the premier edition of Campbell's Guide to Cruising Texas was launched.

During the firm's tenth year in Texas, consolidation of operations to centrally-located, booming Port Lavaca began. Only steps from the bayfront sat the Regan Building, vacant and in need of restoration. Built in 1904 by W.P. Regan to house his flourishing dry goods store in downtown Port Lavaca, the second floor served as the local Masonic Lodge for more than 70 years. After a hiatus of several decades, the structure was reacquired by the Regan family for preservation and restoration. The Walter Eden Company is proud to have been chosen to collaborate in returning this historic structure to productive, commercial use. As with many such projects, progress has been slowed by unforeseen complications and those offices are not yet complete. Until that time, operations will continue from offices in the Houston area and temporary quarters in Port Lavaca.

For more about historic Port Lavaca, visit www.plmainstreet.org and www.portlavaca.org.


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